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New credentials for existing OAuth1 app

Started by Andrey K. -   in API Authentication

We're using OAuth1 for our live app and it works fine so far (and hopefully will be till 31.03.2021). Also we have a dev. environment OAuth1 app that we use for dev. purposes. Unfortunately, I'm now not able to generate new credentials and API returns "The organisation for this access token is not active" message that prevents me from any bug-fixing related work. And I do need those.

Xero support was not helpful with replying that new OAuth1 are not longer supported. But I'm not asking for a new one. I need the old ones to be working. That's all. Why it's so difficult to do things right, guys?

I cannot be more frustrated from this OAuth2 hassle.
And here is another reply from Xero staff:
Apologies the previous message wasn't to your liking. However, with thousands of users on our platform, we need to ensure everyone meets industry standards and is migrated smoothly to OAuth 2.0 before the end of March 2021.

We feel like we've given a fair amount of time to upgrade and won't be extending the OAuth 1.0a deadline again. Our focus now is on making sure everyone can get their existing integrations migrated by March.

Again, we're not migrating to OAuth2 but using OAuth1 app which is supposed to work until the end of March 2021.

This is unacceptable.

Andrey K.