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Embed Xero Project (Bank Feed) Expense Transaction in Company Website

Started by Leen Vyas -   in Find a Developer

Hi Everyone!

I work for a property development company in Melbourne, Australia
( https://www.littlefishproperties.com.au/ ). We have a feature on our website that enables our client to see the live cost of our projects at all time. At the moment we are doing this via google sheets however it will get difficult for us to manually type in the cost as we are expecting more projects in the future.

Bank feeds of all our different projects are shown in our Xero account. I wanted to know if it is possible for us to imbed Xero to our website in a manner that it only shows real time expenses incurred by the business on a particular project.We want to do this for all our projects so we can eliminate the google sheet process.

We are happy to outsource this work to a Xero expert. However I want to know if this is possible. Please feel free to ask for more information. If you are interested in undertaking this project please reach out to me here or on my Email id at leen@littlefishproperties.com.au.
Hi Leen,

This can be done to a limited extent. Xero does not give direct access via the API to the raw Bank Feeds.

However if accounts are reconciled, so there are transactions or invoices against the project, which are updated/managed regularly by your team - then that data can be exposed.

I think in either case you'd be able to eliminate the google sheet as it will be much easier to match/reconcile transactions in Xero than copying them over to google sheets. Would be more than happy to set up a call to explain this in more detail as to what it would entail from you and your team in terms of operations.

Then if that works we could discuss potentially working together. You can find my availability on my calendar or drop me an email on jonathan@maze.digital

Jonathan Mifsud