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Seeking developer for a website form to connect Xero Practice Manager

Started by Brad Evans -   in Find a Developer

Hi there,

I am seeking a developer to create a website form that can then create a new client in XPM (not a lead). The form would need to match standard fields plus a few custom ones. It would also need a other notes field which would go under the notes tab on the client listing. Ideally the customer could also include several entities and people that would create a new XPM listing for each.

For example a company, 2 shareholders and a trust would get uploaded as 4 new clients with IRD numbers different but address and contact numbers the same. These clients would then be linked under a group of the company or last name. This last bit would not be critical though.

This would then be replicated for 7 branches (with different XPM's) that could each have a form to use.

Please email me with any questions so we can get a quote together.
Hi Brad,

drop me an email?


Matthew Clements