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RoR SaaS to Xero Integration

Started by Isaak Dury -   in Find a Developer

Hi, we run a platform called TidyHQ.com for community non-profit organisations to keep their back-office administration altogether and on one page. The platforms covers a range of areas including selling memberships, event tickets, sending invoices, selling shop items etc.

We have built a 'mini-xero' in the platform to allow smaller groups to do a fine job of recording and reporting - but just at a cash book level.

Some of our larger organisations want a Xero integration as they need to play at that level and take full advantage of what Xero has to offer. We effectively want to run as a ledger pushing data in a one-way direction to Xero.

This is our third 🤕 attempt at building an integration with Xero and we have the bruises to show, so we need someone who has trodden this path before:
- loves Ruby on Rails
- loves Xero (of course)
- can help direct us as to how best plug the two platforms together
- can build something that is maintainable etc
- you're good at documenting as we're a remote team and documentation is critical ;)

We are based in Melbourne but run remotely, so ideally you're in AU or NZ.

Hi Isaak,

We are a Melbourne based software company who specialises in web solutions.

We have experience building and maintaining integrations with Xero.

We love the PHP framework (CakePHP) that is inspired by Ruby on Rails. But unfortunately no one in our team have the expertise of Ruby. So if the solution must be written in Ruby then we can’t help unfortunately. : (

However if language is flexible, I would love you to consider us. We can code in languages other than PHP if you prefer. Just shoot me an email and we'll take it from there.

We love documentation and have passion and experience for test automation.

We have solid understanding and experience with Xero's OAuth2 API. So if you need any consulting in that area we are able to help.

Feel free to drop me an email or a phone call to discuss further.

There are other developer partners of Xero that may be able to provide good help to you as well. You can find them here:

Kind regards,

Phone: +61 7 3726 5000
Email: alice@aikeji.com.au
Web: www.aikeji.com.au
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiyueh/

Alice Hu  

Thanks for your reply Alice, we need the solution built with Ruby :)

We have had an integration in the past built with .net and as it isn't our core language it soon became unsupported.

Cheers, Isaak


Isaak Dury