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Started by Darren Wall -   in Getting Started

I'm attempting to set up the Xero for WooCommerce plugin, however I'm unable to set up the app in in the Xero developer interface. I'm getting the following error code:

"failed to create app (#FBDD)"

I can't locate any information related to this error code – could anybody advise how I can successfully set up the app so I can generate the OAuth Credential? Thanks!
Hi Darren,

Apologies for the confusion.

We do have a plan to improve this error message with something that is more meaningful.

This error usually is thrown if there was an existing app with the same name and applications' name in Xero have to be unique.

Can you try again using a name that is a unique for your situation? Perhaps adding your Xero organisation name to the application name?

Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)  

I have not added any apps yet and still get this message. Even if i change the name I still get this message.
I have tried calling it
and it still fails
I have also logged out and logged back in again
I have tried Brave Browser and Chrome Browser. Still dont work.

The Error comes up pretty quick, it doesn't even have to think about it.

Sandy Sanderson