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exporting dollar value of totalled payroll items to particular cells in an excel spreadsheet

Started by Kate Hurley -   in Find a Developer

I would like to find a Xero developer that can take the dollar value of earnings for each employee and also the dollar value of allowances per fortnight and export them to particular cells in an excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is then used to calculate leave on a dollar value. We are currently using a spreadsheet but inputting earnings and allowances manually. How many hours would this involve and what kind of cost would we need to budget for? We are a not-for-profit charity with about 100 employees. Each employee is part of a smaller group of about 10 employees. Each group has it's own workbook.

Ultimately if we had the budget we would then like to export the excel spreadsheet dollar values and post it on payslips.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Hi Kate,

Have you looked at DataDear?

Their app connects Xero with Excel, so it's likely they can already provide what you're after. If it doesn't work out of the box I suggest reaching out to them.

Jonathan Mifsud