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Recommended development platform

Started by Faisal Siddiqi -   in Find a Developer

Recommended development platform

I would like to hire a developer to develop add ons for Xero. Can any community manager recommend which development platform is ideal for this work.

Since I dont have any experience in this area, every developer will try to convince me that the platform he is expert in, is the best one for Xero add on. So I wanted to hear from the community. From your experience what is the most recommended development platform / programming language.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Faisal,

I believe that this is a very subjective question. There is no better or worse platforms.

However, there may be better architectures than others depending on your situation/add-on.

If you're going for a public addon, we generally recommend something which is built on a scalable server-less infrastructure. In our case we like to use technology similar to that used by Xero.

New components of Xero are coming out with ReactJS on the front-end and then are powered using serverless lambda functions on the back-end as far as I'm aware.

The exact stack we love to use for Xero Integrations and Add-ons is the following:

ReactJS for rich user experience
NodeJS on AWS Lambda - to run all server-side computation including connections with Xero
DynamoDB as the NoSQL Database engine on the back-end to store data.
AppSync / GraphQL to interact between our React Frontend and the Data in our database
API Gateway to power any Rest APIs that we need.

That said the best platform is likely to be the one that your developer chooses. You don't want a developer to try out a new technology on your project as they're likely to not only take longer but also be prone to security issues/flaws on your platform.

At Maze Digital we are have been Xero Developer Partners for a few years and have recently (in February 2020) made Xero's Partner of the Month.

If you'd like us to have a chat about your Xero add on, I'd be more than happy to - drop me an email on jonathan@maze.digital and we take it from there.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Hi Faisal

Good question. For the backend, I'd go with .NET Core or node as those SDKs have the most activity, just based on a quick glance at GitHub - https://github.com/XeroAPI

You'll see PHP, Ruby and Java are also options.

I think popularity matters since it impacts on the likelihood of finding experienced developers for a competitive price. It's also typically easier to solve issues found with well-used components.

I don't think choice of front end matters too much with regard to Xero apps, in that there are several great options. Likewise, the platform. What matters is that they result in high productivity levels and a high quality user experience.

That said, React, Vue and Angular have vibrant communities; and AWS is a great choice for hosting.

Ultimately, the exact requirements of each app you make, will determine the most suitable architecture.

All the best,

Joe Niland  

Thanks @joe Niland @Jonathan Mifsud

Faisal Siddiqi  

Hi Faisal,

I would consider a couple of things.

First, choosing the technology your development team is most competent in will save you time, money and more likely to have high quality code produced since there will be no learning curve and also under the assumption that they know what they are doing.

Second, choosing a mainstream/mature language or tech stack will give you advantage. Even when the old developer or development team departs, you can find someone to pick up the work fairly easily and with affordable cost. If you are not familiar with what language is mainstream or popular, I'd suggest have a look at what language Xero's platform have native SDK supported. This is always a good indicator. At the moment Xero API have SDK for C#, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Python and Ruby. https://developer.xero.com/documentation/libraries/overview

Hope this helps. What Jonathan and Joe mentioned above are also excellent responses.

Let me know if you or your team need a hand with your project.

Kind regards,

Phone: +61 7 3726 5000
Email: alice@aikeji.com.au
Web: www.aikeji.com.au
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiyueh/

Alice Hu  


Thanks very much.

Faisal Siddiqi