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DEAR Inventory POs --> XERO POs

Started by Bogdan Ionescu -   in Find a Developer


We are starting to use DEAR Inventory and Xero together. All going well so far except that DEAR doesn't have an approval workflow for stock purchase orders.

My workaround would be to pull POs from DEAR into XERO as 'awaiting approval' and then use ApprovalMax to route them through the authorisation workflow.

The problem with the idea above is that DEAR doesn't push saved POs into Xero and once approved in DEAR they appear as approved in XERO and therefore not triggering the workflow.

Is there a way of using DEAR & XERO API to pull saved POs from DEAR into XERO and then push back to DEAR the change of status once the workflow is complete?

Is there an easier / better way of achieving this, please?

Hey Bogdan, Xero has an API for POs so what you're asking is certainly possible. However if DEAR is not supporting it out of the box, you may need a third party to build that.

Have you tried reaching out to DEAR to check if they have a timeline of supporting pushing data into POs with your usecase?

Happy to have a conversation if you can't get them to help you out.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Hello Bogdan, it seems that DEAR inventory has Purchase order available for getting and posting: https://dearinventory.docs.apiary.io/#reference/purchase

so it seems possible. let me know if you can't find any solution to this problem using one of the existing workflow automation tools like Zapier or etc.. then I can help you to achieve PO flow. I can be reached at chintan@satvasolutions.com

Stay Safe

Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Jonathan - DEAR is already syncing POs with XERO. That is absolutely fine. My problem is that the only status that is being synced is 'approved' and that DEAR does not provide an approval workflow within its app to deal with multiple levels of authorisation.

In fairness, neither does Xero but there's another app, ApprovalMax, which connects to Xero and pulls all documents submitted for approval into workflows. The connection between Xero and ApprovalMax works smoothly and the workflow features are exactly what I need.

I would like to establish links between these apps so that saved (draft) POs in DEAR get loaded into XERO as 'awaiting approval' which will then be loaded into ApprovalMax and approved. On the completion of this process, ideally, we would have a message reaching back to DEAR to change status from saved into approved.

This whole story is driven by the governance matrix of pretty much all companies - which requires that POs over a certain amount be approved by more senior staff. DEAR have a workflow solution but it applies, bizarrely, only to sales orders and quotes, not to purchase orders.

I have reached out to DEAR but don't have a reply yet. I will update this thread if/when they reply.

Bogdan Ionescu  

Hi Chintan, thanks for your reply. I am glad you think it's possible to achieve what I am after. Please see additional notes in my reply above. If I exhaust other avenues I may reach out to you to explore building a custom connector.

Bogdan Ionescu  

Update from DI support: DI doesn't do proper approval workflows for now.

Solution: I need a custom API integration to pull saved POs from DEAR as 'awaiting approval' POs into XERO and then return the 'authorised' back to DEAR once approved in XERO.

Who can do this for me and how much will it cost me, please?


Bogdan Ionescu  

Hi Bogdan,

I'm guessing you've solved this already, but I was thinking Zapier may be able to do this. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it supports all the endpoints required.
If you still have a requirement, please contact us at info@originalmind.com.au for a quick chat.


Joe Niland