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Certificate Expiration for OAuth1

Started by Dima Hohlov -   in Find a Developer


I have application that was created pretty long time ago. It is using library that uses OAuth1 and private application. This week i started getting error "no certificates have been registered for consumer". I guess that my certificate expired. When i go to My Apps page, i dont see my app and i am not able to create new private one. Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Dima,

Unfortunately, oAuth 1.0 has been deprecated and you can no longer create new private apps. I'm guessing since the certificate expired the app may have been removed.

The only way to continue is to upgrade your app to Auth2.0 or have someone upgrade it for you.

If you found a temporary workaround you'd only be able to have this work till around end of the year as they will all stop working at that point as per current Xero guidelines.

If you need any assistance feel free to reach out on jonathan@maze.digital

Jonathan Mifsud  

Hi Dima

We can guide you through restoring access. Please email us at api@xero.com and let us know the details of your organisation.

As Jonathan has mentioned, we are in the process of deprecating Private Apps, so you will need to explore an OAuth 2.0 alternative and have this implemented soon.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)