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Started by Lawrence Montgomery -   in Find a Developer


We're looking for a developer that can integrate our ERP system with XERO. Specifically, we need to pull in sales and inventory information and synchronise suppliers between the two services. The ERP we use has an open API and I have a lot of experience using it to create custom reports and integrations but as XERO is a bit more specialised, we are looking for someone with good experience with the XERO API to help us build an integration. The integration would be a background service that discretely connects the transactions in ERP to XERO.

if you're interested in discussing further, please drop me a line.

Kind Regards,
Hi Lawrence,

This sounds like something we can help you with. Are we able to connect and so I find out a bit more about your requirements? You can reach me at matthew@blackballsoftware.com


Matthew Taylor  

Hello Lawrence,

We can definitely build this integration for you in a cost effective way.
Please contact me at joe@originalmind.com.au. It'd be great to have a call to discuss the finer points of your requirements.

Best regards,

Joe Niland  

Hi Lawrence, happy to connect and have a look. As Xero Partner of the Month for February this is right up our alley. Feel free to drop me an email on jonathan@maze.digital -



Jonathan Mifsud  

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for reaching out to the Xero Developer Community. I will be happy to assist in developing that background integration for you.

We are an Australian based IT business that specialise in creating custom solutions for system integrations as such and we have experience creating and maintaining Xero integrations.

Before you go ahead with anything though, I'd recommend checking Xero's system limits to make sure your sales and inventory doesn't exceed or approach its limit. Otherwise it may not be a great idea to invest in something that you have outgrown or about to outgrow from.

Xero is designed for ideally no more than 4,000 tracked inventory items per organisation and no more than 1,000 Sales invoices (Accounts Receivables) and 1,000 Purchases bills (Accounts Payables) per month. We can exceed the limit but performance is likely to be impacted. You can find more details here: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/oauth2/limits

Feel free to drop me an email or a phone call to discuss further. Your mornings and my evenings would be ideal time to get in touch.

Look forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Phone: +61 7 3726 5000
Email: alice@aikeji.com.au
Web: www.aikeji.com.au
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiyueh/

Alice Hu