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What resource types have unique identifiers

Started by R Hindle -   in API Endpoints

For clarity, can Xero provide a complete list of which resource types provide globally/universally unique IDs?

For example, the docs ambiguously provide the following info:

AccountID = Xero identifier
InvoiceID = Xero generated unique identifier for invoice
ItemID = Xero generated identifier for an item

Which resource types can I rely on their ID being universally unique across Xero? Or do I need to derive uniqueness by using composite keys of Org ID & Resource ID?

I found this post, but was hoping for a definitive list.

Thanks, Rob.
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Hi Rob,
While those IDs probably are unique across Xero, they aren't designed to be - the Organisation ID should always be used as well to properly identify records the way we do at Xero.
Hope this helps

Dan O'Donnell (Xero Staff)