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How to give other team members access to "My App"

Started by Jon Bretman -   in Getting Started

I want to develop a Xero App for internal use at our Company. I have been given access to our Xero account, I logged in and went to https://developer.xero.com/myapps/ and made a new app. However when my colleagues (also members of the same Xero account) go to that page they can't see the app I have made.

Although this won't stop us using this app to do what we need, it doesn't feel right that other members of the team can't access the https://developer.xero.com/myapps/details page for this app to configure things like webhooks or change the redirect URI.

How do I give other people (specifically people from my team) access to my app?
Hi Jon,
at present we don't support self service team management. You need to send a message to our support team if you wish to give other users access to your apps. (https://developer.xero.com/contact-xero-developer-platform-support/). In the ticket please provide the email address(es) of those you wish to share access with.

The ability to setup and manage teams is something we're looking to bringing on to our roadmap.


Richard Fortune (Xero Staff)