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Beginner API - creating my first app

Started by Chris Gage -   in Getting Started

Hi, This is the first time I've created / used an API.

Tried to follow the getting started guid: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/getting-started/getting-started-guide

but I'm stuck on creating a new app. I think I need to use this rescource: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/oauth2/auth-flow

from which the "Company or application URL" appears to be https://login.xero.com/identity/connect/

Am I right?

Then what is the "OAuth 2.0 redirect URI" is this something I need to setup somewhere?

For context what I am trying to acheive is to GET a list of invoices to use in Microsoft Powerapps (previously MS Flow). So the app will be called by a HTTP request with the following parameters.

Method: GET
*URI: Enter request URL
Headers: Enter key, Enter value
Queries: Enter key, Enter value
Body: Enter request content

All help appreciated.
What language are you using? There is sample C# code in the GIT readme file for the c# SDK, and someone posted a sample working bit of source in here.

Mike Edwards  

The 'Company or application URL' field is used in conjunction with an eventual marketplace listing. So when getting started it isn't critical what you enter. It will need to be an https address.

The 'OAuth 2.0 redirect URI' url is used during the authentication process and does need match the address for your app. This should also be https unless you are using localhost during developement.

If you are following our Postman tutorial (https://developer.xero.com/documentation/tools/postman) you can enter any https address, although it should match exactly what you set in the Postman environment variables.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)