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Unknown Consumer

Started by Douglas Hall -   in Getting Started

Sorry, but I'm not a dev. Please excuse me if this seems like a noob question.

I'm using an MSP RMM Package on premise, and they have Xero integration. It would seem I'm the ONLY one to have this issue, so they have refered me back to Xero. :)

1) I have created an app in Xero, as per their instructions.
2) I have my key and secret.

When I try and authenticate, I get the following error.

Unknown Consumer (Realm: , Key: 18A6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEEE0C)
Exception Details: DevDefined.OAuth.Framework.OAuthException: Unknown Consumer (Realm: , Key: 18A6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEEE0C)

Stack Trace:

OAuthException: Unknown Consumer (Realm: , Key: 18A6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEEE0C)
DevDefined.OAuth.Consumer.OAuthSession.RunConsumerRequest(IConsumerRequest consumerRequest) +696
DevDefined.OAuth.Consumer.ConsumerRequestExtensions.Select(IConsumerRequest request, Func\`2 selectFunc) +44
DevDefined.OAuth.Consumer.OAuthSession.GetRequestToken(Uri callbackUri) +465
Xero.Authentication.GetOAuthGrantUrl(String callbackUrl)

Is it something common?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Can I ask you to reach out to our support team so that we can get some further details from you. You can raise a case here: https://developer.xero.com/contact-xero-developer-platform-support/

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)