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Number of connections for non-partner app

Started by Tim Hopkins -   in Partner Program

How many connections can I make with a non-partner app? Some of your documentation seems contradictory:

On this page https://developer.xero.com/partner/app-partner it says:
"Prior to completing all certification steps:
Number of Xero customers on-boarded to the integration may not exceed 20 organisations"

Whereas on this page https://developer.xero.com/documentation/oauth2/limits it says:
"Uncertified apps will be limited to 25 connections."

Are they contradictory or referring to different things and which is correct?
Hi Tim,

The correct number is 25 with OAuth 2.0 apps. We need to update our App partner page this month. Cheers!

Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)  

Hi Sidney,

It seems I have reached the connection limit during testing with my Demo Xero account. How can I get the limit increased or reset for my development app and/or Demo account?


Rodney Staines  

Hi Rod,

Are you connecting with OAuth1.0a or OAuth2.0?


Matthew Mortimer (Xero Staff)  

Hi Matt,

OAuth2.0. I was able to connect this morning, however, last night when I had the option to choose a tenant, the demo account option was disabled advising I had reached the limit of connections.


Rodney Staines  

Aah, yep.
We had a bug around the limit of uncertified apps that could be connected to a tenant that was introduced yesterday afternoon and resolved this morning (both NZT).

Apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Matthew Mortimer (Xero Staff)  

Great, thanks for the update Matt. Glad it was resolved quickly.

Rodney Staines  

I have the same issue but I only have 5 connected apps on my account. What am I meant to do next?

Mike Cox  

Hi, I have the same issue.
We have 5 apps and can't connect to our legitimate company xero account?
Getting limit reached message?

Alex Bogosanovic  

Hey, we are being asked to move to OAuth2 and I am doing that but am now stuck without the OAuth1 working and the message saying "This organisation is already connected to the maximum number of allowed uncertified apps." In an attempt to fix the issue I removed the OAuth1 apps listed but it hasn't helped. I am following the procedure shown at https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/xero/
Please increase the limit or let us know what we need to do.

I have 5 websites that connect to Xero so I need 5 apps it seems.
Can you please help.

Oli Holmgren  


Don't know if this wil help you.. I had a same issue. This message is slightly misleading... it is how many connections your ORG have, not how many connections you are making with APP. I have one app connected to 10 orgs with no issues.

My issue was, the ORG under which my APP was developed and is registered under, had 5 connection in the ORG settings "connected apps".

Removing inactive/unneede ( test ) connections solved the problem. But, if you need more then 5 connections for your APP in parent ORG, then you will need Xero Partner account or similar to remove restriction.

Hope this helps and makes sense...

Alex Bogosanovic  

Hi Oli & Alex,

Apologies for the confusion.

Every Uncertified OAuth 2.0 app can have up to 25 Organisations connected to it at once and each Organisation can have a maximum of 2 Uncertified Apps connected.

OAuth 2.0 API Limits

Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)