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LineItemIDs on Invoices

Started by Adam Moore (Community Manager) -   in API Endpoints

The Invoices endpoint now exposes LineItemIDs on GETs and accepts them when supplied in update requests. This is an important stepping stone toward the upcoming Billable Expenses functionality in Xero which will link line items on purchase invoices to line items on sales invoices.

If your app updates line items on invoices we would strongly encourage you to enhance your integration to make use of the LineItemID in your update requests. Apps that don’t provide line items in their update requests (e.g. only provide InvoiceID and Status) won’t be affected.

Once the billable expenses functionality is released in Xero you won’t be able to update line items on invoices that contain billable expenses UNLESS you provide the LineItemIDs.

LineItemID is not currently available on GET paged invoices but will be very soon!

If you have any questions or need more information please post below.
Just a quick update to let everyone know that LineItemIDs are now supported on GET paged invoices.

Adam Moore (Community Manager)