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oAuth 2.0 Webooks & Demo Company

Started by Mathew Evans -   in API Endpoints

Is someone able to tell me if oAuth2.0 webhooks work with the Demo Company or not?

I'm able to setup the hook, get the intent to receive validation passing, but when it comes to receiving webhooks - nothing comes through, despite the 'intent to receive' validation requests working fine?

Is this potentially because I'm using a Demo Company? I found a mention that Xero webhooks "disappear into oblivion" when using the Demo Company elsewhere on the web - but surely not?
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Due to the way in which the Demo Company is hosted there can occasionally be some differences in behaviour between the demo and a live organisation. That said, webhooks should work with the Demo.

In order to troubleshoot I would suggest using ngrok to log the webhooks in conjunction with a trial organisation. This should allow you to both rule out an issue with the demo, and investigate what is being sent.




Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)