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Not able to pull correct data from different endpoints

Started by Ron Bedlack -   in API Endpoints

Hi Xero Team,

I am trying to pull all data from Invoices, Manual Journals, Bank Services, Credit Notes and others, in order to create a kind of Account Transaction data. But for some reason the data is not accurate to the original one. I am comparing records using the Account Transaction file exported from your Xero App. But I found a lot of differencies. Do you know what could be the reason?

- I am using the C#. Net Standard SDK
- I am filtering in some cases to Do not retrieve those with deleted status and in a range of dates.
- I also tested removing filters, without success.
- I also tried the other endpoint called JOURNALS, in this one I filter by type to get Invoices, Credit Notes, and others. But for some reason I am getting a lot of duplicated records, same values in different dates, reversed signs.

Having that is generating me a lot of conflicts to get the data I need.

As background I am trying to do a kind of Trial Balance Report but split by Accoutns and each one with Tracking Categories displayed and also Credit, Debit , Openning and Closing Data. In the past contacting support, they suggested me to use Profit And Loss and Balance Sheet endpoints in order to get this report. But doing that the PL enpoint is not returning usefull data, I am getting a lot of zero values, that is why I tried by pulling all data from different endpoints and after that make some sums and operations to create the final TB Report.

Do you think is possible to generate this report I mention using another endpoint or endpoints?

I hope you can help me.