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NZ payroll get timesheets date range

Started by Raymond Davey -   in API Endpoints

Does anyone know if it is possible to filter timesheets in the NZ payroll by date ranges (or similar)

I am trying to get the timesheets for the current pay run (Which I have the start and end date of)

When I use the timesheets GET function, I get thousands of timesheets going back to 2017
If you cant filter by date, can you filter by status (ie NOT completed)

Anything to reduce the number of returned rows would be great. At the moment, I have to GET 10 to 15 pages of data to isolate the 5 timesheet entries of the current week.
Hey Raymond, old thread but...you got no reply from Xero :) any luck with this? So far i dont seem to have any luck with Xero on this. Even doing this concurrently doesnt seem to work to well either. Would speed things up a bit.

Jonathan Mafi