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Merge contacts via API

Started by Dragos Ailiesei -   in API Endpoints


I know that you can get a list of contacts, post them (update) and archive.
But where does it says in the API fields that contact X was merged with contact Y?

When I have hundreds of contacts with duplicates I need a solution that is more reliable than the 5step manual procedure in Xero.

This is critical when you want to forecast spending.
Hey Dragos,

Unfortunately from what I'm aware - though I've not looked too deeply. The only way to do that is to read the notes from the API. I believe every time there is a merge, a note is written in each contact that it was merged.

I would double-check it, and in that case I would simply work on the comments of archived companies, as that would likely be the last comment not buried down under other personalised comments.

Jonathan Mifsud