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Invoice resource not found when getting with comma list of IDs

Started by Wes DeBoer -   in API Endpoints

If I try to receive a list of all invoice by passing in their IDs as a comma separated list and one of those IDs is not found the whole endpoint returns a resource not found. Is there a way to get back the matching items?

GET https://.../Invoices?IDs=123,456,789

if 123 and 456 are found but 789 is not found, the entire endpoint is not found, I'd like to receive invoices 123 and 456.
Hi Wes

I could not replicate this issue.
I just tried this specifying 5 InvoiceIDs with a couple of dummy ones and the call still returned 3 invoices that do exist.

Would you be able to provide details of your application so we can check its logs to investigate?


Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)  

I'm no longer getting the same results, I am receiving a Bad Request because it is a malformed ID, with well formed IDs it works as you describe. I'll investigate further.

Wes DeBoer