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requested entity media type 'application/xml' is not supported for this resource

Started by Raymond Davey -   in Wrapper libraries

We have cloned (and modified) the Australian Payroll for New Zealand in the sample MVC project.

We can 'GET' employees etc without issue.

But when we try to POST a new Employee or Timesheet, we get the error:

The requested entitys media type 'application/xml' is not supported for this resource.

This occurs for all 'POST' API calls in NZ Payroll. (The POST calls work fine for Core functions)

Is there an issue using XML request in the NZ Payroll?

Here is a small sample of code

var api = XeroApiHelper.NewZealandPayrollApi();

var employee = new Xero.Api.Payroll.NewZealand.Model.Employee();
employee.FirstName = "Bob";
employee.LastName = "The Builder";

Thanks for any tips or help you can provide.

(We have tested using a Private and Public App)