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Listening better & feature requests

Started by Ronan Quirke (Community Manager) -   in Getting Started

The team have just been reading through some of the comments on our feature request forum. We do this quite regularly, but to date we have been reluctant to give an update until we have anything meaningful to say.

Since this is causing some disappointment, we wanted to address this and get some feedback from you on how we can do better.

Still coming...
We don't really think it is helpful to tell you 'it is still coming' constantly, so our most recent update should be relied upon, but we get that this can be frustrating. Many of you are looking for better guidance as to when you might expect to see feature X or Y. Our thinking is that we should commit to updating the top 10-20 features every 8 weeks or so, even if we don't have news, to keep you updated. Sound ok?

No progress?
Another source of frustration is the length of time a request has been open for. On first reading, because our feature request forum only shows outstanding issues, it can appear we aren't doing anything, but we have actually released a large number of new features as you can see from our release notes. If you want to keep up to date with new feature releases, we send out a round-up email of recent API releases every 6-8 weeks, and you can subscribe to updates.

Connect with us
We regularly run online hangout events where we give guidance on what we are working on right now, and answer questions - we would love for more of you to join us and ask us the hard questions. You can find out when these events are on by subscribing to updates or stalking us @XeroAPI.

We do care
Finally, I wanted to tell you that we have a dedicated team that work constantly on the API and we care deeply about giving developers a great API experience. Our top priority is ensuring that as the Xero application changes, the API continues to work reliably without breaking existing integrations - that means some of our work is invisible to you, but we do genuinely care about your feedback and wish we could do them all for you tomorrow.

Please keep the feedback coming and we will do better at giving you guidance on what we are working on.

The Xero API team
Hi Ronan,
That sounds great!