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Oauth 2 Private Application

Started by Daniel Balseanu -   in API Authentication


Are there plans of adding a private application Oauth 2 authentication workflow? For example I would like to access the API with Zapier which is virtually impossible. (There is a Zapier integration but it doesn't do what I need it to do).

Hi Daniel, oAuth 2.0 will no longer have a difference between private/public apps. However, you will be limited to 2 non-partner connections per organisation.

When using oAuth 2.0 the scopes will allow offline access similar to a private application. Although there will be required logic to use refresh tokens. This is important for application security and ensuring reduced risk of tokens being compromised.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Hi Jonathan. If possible can you check out this post: https://community.xero.com/developer/discussion/105714701/

Matthew Freire  

Hi, there is no section for OAuth2 configurations on private application details.
Can you please tell me how to generate the OAuth2 credentials

Mohamed Mosaad