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I need a developer to assist my vb.net Clubsys integration into Xero API

Started by Andrew Hilbig -   in Find a Developer

Clubsys is a suite of software designed for Tennis and Squash clubs. The databases hold Sales records from its EPOS tills and Member Accounts and I am trying to integrate this with the Xero Accounts through the Xero API. I am struggling with the vb.net code. Connecting and authenticating is now no longer a problem and I can create Invoices and Accounts but cannot do a simple thing like Update an Account with a different Name. There are no examples to assist me in this so I am seeking the help of a suitable developer.

I am using vb.net from VS2017 and XeroApiPrivateSession
Hi Andrew,

We don't do VB.net so cannot specifically help you over there. However, if you can create invoices and accounts, updating an account should be fairly similar.

Make sure you pass the account id, and that you are using the right type of request Post/Put.

Also, keep in mind that Xero has launched oAuth 2.0, currently in Beta. Hence at some point, if you are using oAuth 1.0 you will likely need to change/update that integration although no date for the switch has been provided.

Jonathan Mifsud