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Automatic Reminder Invoice

Started by Hassan Rishi -   in Find a Developer

Recently, my clients asked me to add a feature in xero that can sent automatic overdue reminder notice to his clients who did not paid their invoices by 14 days.

Xero does not offer this facility at the moment and when i told him he was really depressed. I am willing that the developers should think on adding this feature in xero so that our clients can receive an automatic reminder notice after serveral days after invoice is overdue

Hi Hassan

This would be easy to achieve based on the DueDate of the invoice, and if there's still an amount outstanding. We could run a scheduled task every day that would email clients with overdue invoices, and direct them to pay through your client's payment gateway.

I'd be keen to discuss this further with you - flick me an email, nathan at 3bit.com


Nathan Dunn  

Hi Hassan,

I'm actually currently working on an add-on which will allow for setting up automated reminder invoices.

The goal of my add-on is to handle small tasks which Xero doesn't have, but don't necessarily make sense to each have their own entire application. So a bundle of smaller add-ons.

The first one I've finished, is for sending out an email with a link after someone has paid. So would be good for people like graphic designers, etc who don't want to hand-over any work until the invoice is paid.

The second one which is on its way is automated payment reminders.

I hope to run my current app by Xero soon and get it up and running. By the time all that is done, I should have the first phase of the payment reminders finished. I'll come back and update this discussion once I'm up and running in beta.


Stephanie Sherriff  

Hi Steph,

I am glad that you are implementing a automated payment reminders in xero. This is great tool and much more demanded by my clients.

I look forward to the first release (beta version) of this tool,

I have another recommendation, that the invoices that are approved, we should have the facility to revert it back to draft. This is extremely important for us, the bookkeepers and accountants, who approves the invoices on client approval, and then they ask us to revert it back to draft, and here we don't have the opportunity.


Hassan Rishi  

Try www.debtonator.io

Nicholas McNally  

I've built something that does exactly this, called Satago: www.satago.com. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Steven Renwick  

So how do I turn on the invoice reminders feature on in Xero? Has it been implemented since this discussion?

Wei Yang  

Hi Wei, Xero haven't implemented this yet. You'll have to use one of the adds-one such as the one I built: https://www.satago.com/xero-credit-control-add-on

Steven Renwick  

Seems like this is something that *should* exist directly in xero...even if it's a manual 'click to send reminder' button... Is this on the development roadmap?

Nicholas Hitchins  

Can't believe this isn't part of the software. FreeAgent provide it, why not Xero. An Add-on for more advanced credit control is understandable but lack of a free included basic ability is daft and very disappointing. Many of my clients work in an industry where their clients are useless and pay late almost by default, chasing them all manually is a mess.

Raj Dhokia  

Agreed Raj. A feature like this is something that I would expect to be a normal part of the software, without the need for many add-ons to do basic accounting features. Is there any chance this will get added Xero in the near future?

Angus Suter  

Any news about that issue? This basic feature is really important, also for us.

Christian Dziersk