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Invoice url with custom port not allowed

Started by Katharyn Braunberger -   in API Endpoints


I am currently integrating an ERP application with Xero, and I want to utilise the linking to source document capability. For reasons I won't go into here, our main website is hosted at a specific port (eg. https://mydomain.com:1111/invoices/1). I am attempting to link to this website when creating invoices through the Xero API, but I get back an error message in the response:

Custom ports are not allowed in invoice url
Url was not encoded or contained invalid characters/elements

Is there a workaround or any other option to allow this?
There's https://tolocalhost.com/ which helps with redirecting to a development copy - otherwise you'll need to set up your own proxy to keep Xero happy (and should, I guess, if it's for Production).

Matthew Bloch