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Generating Mandarin reports

Started by Sharon Hii -   in Find a Developer


Is there any way that would allow us to input Mandarin characters, alongside the English text when generating the report?

Hi Sharon,

Did you mean you would like to input Mandarin character in Xero when generating the report or through the API?

Things will be much more flexible with Report API.

Alice Hu  

Thank you for the response. The aim of the report is to allow our Mandarin only clients understand the reports without spending more time translating the report individually every single time.

I was able to key in chinese characters in to the Chart of accounts, however these characters show up as an error when we generate a PDF report.

Could you please suggest a method to permanently resolve this issue?


Sharon Hii  

Hi Sharon, I think that's a task for Xero's own developers. We are a third party developer which means we can write systems and software that talk to Xero but not change any features of Xero. I would recommend you escalate that feedback to the developer team of Xero.

Hope this is helpful.

Alice Hu  

Hi Alice,
Would you be able to direct me to where I could lodge this request/feedback?

Sharon Hii