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I need a developer to speak to my CC processing company to effectively integrate the invoicing API

Started by Jackrabbit Direct -   in Find a Developer

Hell I am currently set up processing cards through PAYEEZY and I have called customer support to integrate with my XERO invoicing using a custom payment URL.
We currently cant seem to get it to work.
However from what I read online it says the two platforms can integrate together.
I was told by customer support that I need to have a developer from XERO speak with a developer from Payeezy in order to complete the process.

Please let me know how we can get this done.

Hi, you shouldn't need a developer from XERO to speak to Payeezy. XERO Provide a very simple way to achieve this here: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Custom-URL?userregion=true

If your payment provider is unable to create this URL, a third-party developer (like ourselves) would be able to build a page that can integrate with your payment gateway

I hope this helps.

PS. if you are talking about bank statements/reconciliation that is a different integration altogether that would require your payment provider to apply to become a XERO partner, which is somewhat more complex.

Jonathan Mifsud