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Webhook notifications/events not being received

Started by Indran Arunasalam -   in Getting Started

Hi all,

Today 23/07 9:00AM AEST (approximately) it looks like webhook events/notification are being delayed to now no longer working.

I have checked my app and confirmed the status is OK.

The scenario is as follows:

A. An Invoice was created at approximately 8:54AM AEST
B. The event/notification for the above was received (and logged) on my site 20 minutes later.
Typically the event/notifications are sent out at most within 1 - 5 minutes from any action in
within the Xero website

The delay looks like its getting longer and longer up to 1 hour for a event/notification to be received.
Now I don't think anything is coming through at all.

I briefly looked the history and I believe I saw some items for Created Invoices but nothing was received and logged.

Additionally the "last attempt" in the webhook section was at: 2019-07-23 00:53:50 UTC
Best Reply as chosen by Indran Arunasalam (Original Poster)
There was an issue with webhook - https://status.developer.xero.com/incidents/ddjxfwy5rn0w

Our team have been working to resolve the issue, and have now released a fix.

You should now start receiving notifications but please note that you might receive some duplication and some delays whilst we work through the backlog.

Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)