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BatchPayments - MTS extract and transaction merging

Started by Steven Schmidt -   in API Endpoints

Hi Gals/Guys,

I have a program that among other things, prepares bill invoice & payments and merges into a payment batch.
Works great,

Bill invoices are created and the batch is created no problems.

When I go to actually download the MTS file (Bank file) it has merged similar transactions into one transaction. The remittances, batch report etc all show the full list of transactions but the MTS file has merged transactions.
i.e. 3 transactions, 2 are going to the same person/account with different amounts. MTS only has 2 transactions merging the ones with the same destination into a single transaction.

Is this normal behavior? or can this be controlled in some way so that the bank file reflects the reports.
i.e. all 3 transactions for their original amount goes out in the bankfile.
Guessing this behavior provides for a savings in transaction costs from the bank.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Looks like this is normal behavior and cannot be changed.

Steven Schmidt