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Xero Practice Manager TFN Redacted

Started by Martin Gibson -   in API Endpoints

I am having an issue with the Xero Practice Manager API.

When I do the Client List method as documented here: https://www.workflowmax.com/api/client-methods#GET%20list

It returns the clients details which is great but the tax file number is redacted. How can I get the full tax file number?

Let me explain the problem here. I have an application which enables clients to complete a form and they enter their email address and I do a search using this Client List method to see if they already exist, and if they don't exist I will create a new client. But the problem is that sometimes clients change their email address, so when I try and create a new client I get an error saying that the Tax File Number already exists. So then I thought oh ok no problem I will just check to see if their tax file number matches as an alternative to the users email address. But because the TFN is redacted I can't cross check this with the TFN they give me.

So these options would work for me:
1. Don't make the TFN redacted
2. If when creating a client and the TFN already exists, mention in the response the client ID of this existing TFN