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Getting unreconciled bank transactions

Started by Stuart Kemp -   in API Endpoints

We have a requirement to get all recent bank transactions (both reconciled and unreconciled) through the API.

As suggested by Dan in a previous post, we achieve this using the bank statement report.

Whilst upgrading to the latest Java SDK, we noticed that the bank statement report is no longer available. Sid has noted that this is because the bank statement report is marked for deprecation.

My questions are:
1) Why is the bank statement report being deprecated?
2) Will any alternative functionality be made available to get similar (unreconciled bank transactions) data?

Hi Stuart

Thanks for your enquiry about this. Sid is correct - the report has been marked for deprecation. We don't recommend you use it for the time being.

We do not have a replacement for this yet and are waiting for the financial services team to provide a time frame.

Sorry for any inconvenience here Stuart.


Dan Young (Xero Staff)  

Hi. I am using the "Get Bank Transactions" query across a specific date range but it seems to be ignoring all unreconciled transactions. Is that true or have I missed something?

Andrew Steel