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Xero Authenticate and create invoice

Started by Murray Brown -   in Find a Developer


I am looking for a simple example of how to authenticate and create an invoice in C#
I am amazed at the lack of information on this!
Best Reply as chosen by Murray Brown (Original Poster)
Hi Murray, as discussed this morning, the API spells this out.

Examples go far and wide including https://github.com/XeroAPI/Xero-Net/blob/master/Xero.Api.Example.Creation/ApiDataCreation.cs

You just need to look through the code samples provided and tutorials.

Unfortunately, we can't help more than what we have including the pointers we provided to you personally.

Unfortunately, our team does not have any simpler working samples that we can share. Our stack revolves around Node and AWS Serverless so we don't have ready samples in .net

Matthew from Black Ball Software seems to specialise in .net they may be able to take this off your plate if you're not able to figure it out.

Jonathan Mifsud