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Finding Invoices with Default Branding Theme or No set branding theme

Started by Brett Bailey -   in API Endpoints

I'm trying to find invoices that match a particular branding theme. But alot of the invoices in the data have no branding theme it just uses the Branding theme with the lowest sort order.

I've tried where=BrandingThemeID == guid.Empty. It gives me a valid response... but the response has no invoices. If i query all invoices there are 77 and 6 have a branding theme (5 by default). The rest use the default.

Does anyone know a way to find those ones without a Branding Theme set

Hi Brett, I believe the expression you are after is:


I hope this helps.

Niamh Burns (Xero Staff)  

Thanks Niamh

That worked a treat!

Brett Bailey