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Fields missing from XeroApi.Model.Contacts

Started by bhavik valand -   in API Endpoints


I am using XeroApi.Repository for contacting with model classes of XERO as following:

private Repository _repository;

private void ConnectRepository()
XeroApiPrivateSession xSession = new XeroApiPrivateSession("",
"ConsumerKey", new X509Certificate2("public-private certificate", "password"));
_repository = new Repository(xSession);

Then i am getting Contacts by using _repository.Contacts.

Here Contacts is "XeroApi.Model.Contacts". in this class there's no fields like PurchasesTrackingCategory, SalesTrackingCategory,BrandingTheme..whereas in "Xero.Api.Core.Model" all these fields are there.

Can i get all those fields in XeroApi.Model.Contacts by using Repository??

I have added following library from nuget packages.

1. Xero.Api
2. Xero.API.SDK
3. Xero.Api.SDK.Core
4. Xero.API.SDK.Minimal
5. XeroAPI.Net
6. XeroApi.Validation