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Disbursements / On-charging / Billable expenses

Started by Thomas Bombotas -   in Feature Requests | To Be Scheduled

Hi, my client has migrated across from quickbooks. In quickbooks when processing an expense he was able to assign it as a disbursement to a specific client. When he then went in to raise an invoice to the client he was able to see the related disbursement and choose to add that to the invoice. Is there any way to do this in Xero?
Official Xero Reply
This isn’t scheduled in our short-term plans, but we do agree it would be a useful addition to Xero.

As you can imagine, with over 1400 feature requests on Community alone, we have to make tough decisions about where to put our efforts. At present our priorities are around improved reporting, quoting and simple inventory. We can, and do, make smaller updates in between these larger pieces of work, so in the future we’ll explore whether this or other, similarly sized, requests can get slotted in without causing us to lose focus on our primary goals.

We'll advise you on this thread if and when this status changes.

UPDATE (Dec 12, 2014) - appreciate you're all keen to see this happen sooner. Unfortunately our position hasn't yet changed. We don't have a timeframe for when this will happen (it will though) but will definitely let you know as soon as this changes.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)