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Disbursements / On-charging / Billable expenses

Started by Thomas Bombotas -   in Feature Requests | Scheduled

Hi, my client has migrated across from quickbooks. In quickbooks when processing an expense he was able to assign it as a disbursement to a specific client. When he then went in to raise an invoice to the client he was able to see the related disbursement and choose to add that to the invoice. Is there any way to do this in Xero?
Official Xero Reply
You may have noticed that we’ve changed the status of this request to Scheduled!

With the upcoming release of some major features, we’ve freed up a small team to look into the design and technical analysis of an onbilling function.

We know how important this is to all of you here so thanks for all the feedback so far. The team will be working hard to deliver the functionality you’re asking for, and we’ll update you as they get further along in the development process.

Brittany H (Community Manager)