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Contacts - What have you done?

Started by Jacinda Mclean -   in Using Xero

So Log into Xero this morning
Go to Look up a customer and Hello - The Contacts page has changed
Um do we not get advised of changes/updates anymore?
Anyway can now NOT click on the letter of the alphabet our contact starts with
Do we either hit the search button to find them and god knows what else will pop up
Or do we have scroll through each page of contacts to get to the one you want
Not sure so try it out

Search does Not Bring up all customers
Scrolling through each page - Um are you serious is this how its going to be now?

Ie if I'm looking for a Customer who starts with B
Enter B into the Search
It will not bring up my B Customers
So other option is to scroll through each page until I get to the B's

Take me back to the good ways
And Tell whoever is doing your latest updates to THINK MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official Xero Reply
Hi all

As some of you have already discovered we released the updates we've been promising over the last couple of weeks. This includes everything I described above (including but not limited to):

- ability to sort on fields beyond what is just in the grid header
- showing Skype details in search view
- Files support (showing attached Files in grid)
- new responsive layout (grid like at higher screen resolutions) with more information (invoice dates, references etc)
- outstanding activity moved up into a newly designed Contact summary view
- new Notes tab (available to all users)
- links no longer open in new tabs
- text selection in all grids (so you can select notes again)
- removing dollar signs from icons

It's a fairly big release, though most of changes are small. Obviously the big experience change is how we deal with outstanding invoices and bills - you can see we've moved this up the hierarchy to be the main focal point of the page.

And we've added in the Notes tab (as promised). This can be seen by all users. Notes will still show up in the activity feed for a contact - this tab essentially provides a filtered view.

We have some more work to do on the activity feed itself. We think there's a better way of showing the activity against a particular document (like the history of an invoice - when it was created, approved, sent, paid etc). We really want this to be the singular view of a contact (be they customer or supplier) so we're working hard on delivering to that vision.

Keep the feedback coming - it's been invaluable to this process.

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)