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Projects - Bulk assign bills to Project

Started by Linda Holmes in Feature Requests | Idea

It would save a lot of time if you could bulk assign bills to a project rather than in processing each bill.
Thanks, Linda. Just want to confirm that you're wanting to bulk assign multiple bills to a project, and not multiple lines within a single bill? If it's the later, this can already be done. You'll find more info here.

Let me know which one you're after so I can make sure that all the relevant conversations are monitored in one place.

Kavi S (Community Manager)

Hi Kavi S - was wanting to post multiple bills to a project at one time (ie select multi bills in a list and bulk adding to a project).

Linda Holmes

Got it! Thanks for coming back to me here, Linda. I'll leave this request separate and track the demand for it. We'll let you know if there's any changes around this. 😊

Kavi S (Community Manager)

Oh I have demand for it! Really need to be able to tick bills and bulk assign then to a project. Very rarely have a bill with different projects within. Always 1 bill to 1 project. Anything on the horizon?

Paula Granelli

It would also be great to have a similar option when creating an invoice from projects to have a single expenses line item rather than listing them all individually on the invoice as these can up to 3 pages long per invoice. Customers prefer to have 1 page invoice with backing material.

Linda Holmes

This would save me so much time if I could tick multiple bills in the the drafts or awaiting approval tab and click on an "assign to project" button. Thanks

Nicole Cooper

I concur. We process invoices across 5 stores or projects as refer to them in Xero and we really need a way to make this process simpler. Ideally projects would integrate with ReceiptBank so you can assign the invoice to a project at that point. Currently it adds a tonne of extra work to go into each Invoice after it's been imported from RB and assign the project manually!

Lawrence Montgomery

This would save a huge amount of time please :)

Kate Gow

This would be very handy, we have about 50 bills to assign to development project (components from many suppliers) to assign to a project per quater. This would make a 4hr job into a 2min job.

Paul Macey

Also, the ability to assign in bulk expenses to a particular estimate within the project.

Kate Gow