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Banking - Show if application has been uploaded

Started by Olivia Rorison in Feature Requests | Idea

It would be great if there was a way to know when or if bank feed forms have been sent/uploaded into Xero - adding a tick box or icon that shows if bank feed forms have been sent?

Currently once forms are sent to the bank to start feeds it still shows the same as if forms have not been sent. This makes it hard to know if or when forms have been sent and can end up meaning forms get sent multiple times by clients or different accountants working on the same client.

It would also be good to know when forms were sent so we can judge how long until feeds might start.
Thanks for adding this one in, Olivia! Will feed back to you here if this is something that's in the works :)

Lauren C (Community Manager)

Merged: bank feed form tracking

I would like to see if/when a bank feed form has been uploaded. Nothing changes in Xero once you upload a form, it still shows up as 'get bank feeds' on the bank account and when you click through there's no indication that a form has already been uploaded it just looks like it always does as if nothing has been done.

It would be really helpful if there was an indication as to when a bank feed form has been uploaded as there has been a few times where I'm sure the bank feed should have kicked in by now and I'm sure I've uploaded the form but nothing's happening and I can't see any upload history.

Chloe Milbourn

Merged: Bank feed - new lodgement process

The new lodgement process for bank feed authority forms is cumbersome.
We are an accounting firm.

a) It seems to be taking close to the two weeks if not longer for feeds to start. We're finding more often that we need to chase up Xero on the status after the two weeks are up.

b) There doesn't seem to be any ability to track on a global level where bank feed authority forms are up to.

c) There is less flexibility for us to add additional bank accounts to the authority form after the form has been generated. Having this ability would be useful where the client lets us know of additional bank accounts, credit cards or loan accounts after we've given them the form.

David Harris [Russell Turner]

Hey David, welcome to the Xero Business Community! This forum is for requesting new features/change to existing features in Xero.

So on A, this is best discussions on a case-by-case basis directly with Support. They'll be able to give you a bit more insight if there's been a delay with a certain feed being activated.

Re. B - I'll join your post in with an existing request we have for this, right here. As you can see, we've had a few others agree with you on this one, so we're keeping an eye on the demand and will let you know if something like this is added in.

For C, would you please be able to start a separate request for this one? That way, we can easily track the demand on each request, and we'll be able to communicate back updates on the relevant threads.

Lauren C (Community Manager)