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CIS - Enable CIS codes in quotes

Started by Chris Weatherall in Feature Requests | Idea

On the iOS App:
Can’t view my invoices to clients on the app, if they contain CIS elements, this is bonkers. The strange thing is this did work once, and looked good, now it says it won’t do it.
Can’t assign a labour line to use the code for CIS deductible labour in a quote or invoice.

On the website:
Can’t create a quote and allocate a line to CIS deductible labour.
I Can change a code to the CIS code once an invoice is created, but this is double handling.

So, at the minute, if I’m quoting/ invoicing in the field, which is key to construction in the UK, I have to:
Create quote in app, with the labour line shown as normal sales (ie no CIS)
Show the client the quote
Invoice the client from the app, still with no CIS shown but send them the draft (and hope they put it on the system)
Get to a PC, change the labour line code from normal sales to cis
Send the client the real invoice
Can now no longer view my invoice on a mobile device, as it simply will no show the detail
Thanks for adding the detail, Chris. It helps to break out each request so that we can gauge demand from the wider community more easily (others might want CIS codes enabled on Quotes, but not use the mobile app). So I'll rename the title of this request, and if you could add another for enabling CIS on the mobile app, I'll edit my comment to add the link in here for anyone else that might be interested! Cheers!

Lauren C (Community Manager)

Thanks for the reply, I think this just falls under more CIS functionality in general, but I'll raise another post.

Any company (doesn't have to be a construction company) spending over 1m on construction sub contractors in the UK has to use this system, and almost any construction sub contractor of any kind has to also, unless they're gross payment status which is practically impossible to keep as a small business sub contractor.

Chris Weatherall

Cheers Chris, can see you've added the request over here - Xero Mobile - Use CIS codes in app (I've just renamed so others can easily see that the request is for). Don't forget to add your own vote!

Update: Here's the new link where we're collecting feedback on CIS codes in invoicing/quotes in the app - Xero Mobile - Invoicing with CIS

Lauren C (Community Manager)

Don’t understand why it’s still not sorted.

Luke Holuj

It's daft. It doesn't even work properly on a computer either.
It shows the CIS in with the line items table, before the sub total is calculated.
This is not how it's shown on the screen before you make it into a .pdf (which would be the correct way).

It's like they've just added CIS in, without actually speaking to any sub-contractors that would be showing a CIS deduction (like myself), and they've not spoken to any main contractors who I submit invoices too, as every single one I submit to complains about it. Saying "the way your invoice shows CIS is wrong/ backwards" or "can you show the CIS how it should be shown, like on Sage".

Chris Weatherall

I agree, not being able to select any income code on quote is madness! My client has to remember to change the income code to "CIS labour income" once the quote is converted to an invoice.

katrina kilcoyne