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AU Payroll: Fixed salary regardless of hours worked

Started by Hwei Yong in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea


I would like to request for a feature for us to manually enter a fixed salary amount
Instead of the current practice to enter x amount of hours and x amount of rate

Please add your votes as show of support!
I'd like to extend this request to ask for the ability to use timesheets for salaried employees. I suggest a flag, either set at employee level, or better still at the "settings" level, where the pay template for a salaried worker is NOT overridden by the timesheet. Or, at the very least, allow the hours worked to be edited if the employee is a salaried one. We want employees to reflect ACTUAL hours to be worked on their projects, and to record this in their timesheets, but still received a fixed salary each fortnight regardless of hours worked.

Julie Reed