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Self Implementation of Xero Practice Manager

Started by Pardeep Sahi -   in Tell us how we're doing

In self implementation, there are so many issues which are wasting my time over and over again.

- No active support: Resolving each query takes around 2 days, you are stuck and cannot proceed with the implementation, wasting a lot of time.

- Post payment of subscription, the account manager is not responding.

- Self Implementation Videos are waste and actual software doesn't come with same interface and some options are not even available.

Detailed examples below of my own experience.

Initially, I had to contact support to get my XPM despite of making online payment; I could access XERO TAX only. It took 2 days to get into XPM.

2. I was not able to save staff settings. Every time I save and close and when I come back to it later, these were never saved and I had to do it all over again. Checkboxes go blank (could not attached a video recorded during this process showing the issue). Now, I have deleted and re invited the staff member. This point is now sorted.

3. While saving the capacity under task 1-2-3 for productivity targets, it doesn’t let me save the settings as we don’t have Capacity reducing job. It is funny as in your video it was specifically mentioned to ignore the below section for the time being. What’s the point as it doesn’t let you go ahead without cancelling what you’ve done so far. Saving is not an option as the "Capacity reducing job" is a mandatory field. Image attached.

4. On task 2-1-1, they say that there must be default tasks already in their for accountants but I could not see anything. see image attached

This process is so annoying as there is no active support to even resolve your basic query and you are stuck for hours to come back to it. Apparently you guys want me to pay $5K for implementation fees as quoted on top of the subscription fee. I am pretty sure this is not the first time you have such a feedback. Please suggest on how can I not waste my nights on this process. I’m into a small practice and cannot afford extra $5K and thus wanted to do it myself. After about 8 to 10 hours of fiddling around I'm not able to complete task 2 of implementation process.

Task 2-1-1.PNG
Task 1-2-3 My file.PNG
Task 1-2-3.PNG