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Link My Books

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 42 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Link My Books, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Link My Books

Link My Books automatically imports your sales data, fees and even cost of goods sold from Amazon into clear, understandable invoices and bills inside Xero. For more information, check out Link My Books.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Link My Books, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Link My Books support centre or email support@linkmybooks.com.

Best software for the purpose ever. After using a major competitor for a long time here comes Link My Books to the rescue. Very honestly priced it does all it's needed and then some. Works very well on Amazon.com and all other Amazon marketplaces. Customer support is unparalleled thanks to Dan that is always available and ready to walk you through any setup or modification issues you may have. Truly a set and forget software that makes a really difficult task as simple as it can be. Thanks a lot for making our lives (Amazon sellers) easier.

Franluca LLC  

Fantastic customer service and incredibly responsive - Dan was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Link my Books is much better than other services I have tried. Great work Link my Books

Jessica Pearson  

I cannot praise this software enough. It literally saves me hours and hours of work every months, and takes away the previous stress of knowing my Xero accounts were not 100% reconciled. I am on Amazon Pan-European and it was becoming a nightmare before I came across this.

I spent some time doing a detailed check at how it works, and had a lot of questions which Daniel from LMB was more than happy to answer in detail without making me feel daft.

It works so easily, and the online guides are simple and to the point. The support from Daniel is also second to none.

I also found the price to be very reasonable, as I can now focus on Amazon products instead of Amazon spreadsheets!!

Omar Sharif  

Does exactly what I needed - it effortlessly pulls my Amazon settlement data into Xero and takes care of all the book-keeping I didn't have time for.

The most impressive thing, however, was the customer support. I've had a couple of issues/queries and both have been resolved personally within an hour. Can't recommend LMB highly enough.

Paul Anderson  

Implementing Link My Books for all of our Amazon seller clients has been a game changer. We've worked with Dan and his team to ensure the VAT reporting from LMB is spot on and we are delighted with how easy the VAT reporting now is. This means we can deliver services much faster and with real confidence in the level of accuracy. Getting daily information via Link My Books also means our clients have full visibility of their business performance which is critical for them and for us - this then helps us advise our clients on how to improve their cash and profitability. The service from Dan has been amazing. Mint love Link My Books and highly recommend you give it a try!

Mint Accounting

Roil Mint  

This is something that EVERY Amazon seller should have in place - whether they do their own books or not. A serious time saver and the pricing knocks the competition out of the water. I'm delighted with LMB because I now have 100% accurate and up-to-date Amazon financials coming into my P&L on autopilot every month. Simply brilliant!! Shopify integrations ASAP please :-)

Mark Hodierne  

I have spent the last few years doing my own Amazon accounting on a quarterly basis in time for my VAT return submission. Every time it comes around, I am filled with dread. It takes me days to do it! Selling in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, the amount of work involved is ridiculous. Moreover, it is complex and prone to error. I have been deterred from using other services due to the high cost, but when I stumbled across Link My Books, I thought, "At last, a reasonably priced solution that hits a major pain point." It is not just the time it takes, but the concern over whether I have been doing my books correctly or not. Daniel spent 1.5 hours with me on the phone, helping me set things up and also pointing out where I had been doing things incorrectly before. I had been doing my COGS wrongly, and not tracking inventory. At last, I can sleep easy now that - with his patient guidance - I am all set up. It cut my accounting time for the Amazon element from hours or days to under an hour. Well worth the money.

Jon Lawrance  

I cannot praise Dan at Link My Books enough. He has been knowledgeable and supportive, assisting with the set up of my first Amazon clients marketplaces and Xero integration. I will be setting up two more this week! Customer support and service has been amazing.

Natalie MJ Willan  

I cannot praise LMB enough. The software is great and the support is unparalleled. Daniel has made himself available to us and spent a long time helping us, not once making us feel that we were taking up his time.

Allan Becker  

Link my books has genuinely solved all my issues with Amazon. It Is a brilliant yet simple app.

Daniel from Link My Books has helped me massively and was very professional and easy to understand.

As well as this, we have recently moved to Xero and it is so user friendly and very happy with it.

Emma Fonquernie  

Great product. I was struggling for ages with Amazon reconciliation, tried my own spreadsheets even another app. Then I found LinkMyBooks.
I received great support during setup and what really helps is that the people behind it have been in the same situation and they are also UK based so they know the UK VAT situation, although they are not offering VAT advice!
I would definitely recommend LinkMyBooks to anybody in the UK, selling on Amazon and using Xero.

Peter Knight  

After having issues with other apps linking Xero to Amazon and battling through horrendous Amazon reports we found Link My Books and it's a total game changer for our -commerce clients. It does exactly what it's supposed to, easy to set up, deals with multi-currencies perfectly and the support is second to none. Super friendly and very quick to resolve queries. Highly recommened

Liam Chester  

I cannot recommend Link My Books more highly. Rarely does one find a programme that answers all one's prayers - but Link My Books is just the ticket for those struggling to break down their Amazon account transactions. The staff are super-helpful and very quick to respond. The software is also SUCH wonderful value! I am delighted that I found this service, it's saved me hours, honestly.

Nicola Forsdyke  

Ran as a trial on a multi-national with a UK seller account. Will now be using across that groups's regional xero's for all over seller central accounts that they have. Adopting as the recommended app for my clients who need an Amazon integration with Xero.

Support is superb

Adrian Maudsley  

Has taken a big weight off my shoulders, everything automatically gets logged into Xero I can now take the saved time to work on finding new products. LMB are a VERY helpful bunch and I mean VERY !!!!!

Dean Massey  

I've been using LinkMyBooks for a few weeks now and it's saved me soo much tie and effort. I'm not a numbers guy myself and wrapping my head around all this tax stuff has caused much suffering but thankfully I found LinkMyBooks and it's taken a massive weight off my shoulders.

I wasn't sure how I would show all of the sales and expenses that I gained from amazon in my books, but I don't need to worry about that anymore because LinkMyBooks does all that for me.

Cheers LinkMyBooks you've been a lifesaver!

charlie fraser  

We switched over to Link My Books after struggling for two years with a well known competitor.
Link My Books wins “hands down” on all scores. Very easy to set up and very easy to use.
This app is truely “set and forget”.
The price is very honest and competitive compared to the app we were using before.
Support from Dan has been great and we are thankful to have Link My Books in our arsenal.
Easy to use, fantastic support at a fraction of the cost… what else?!?

Vigoria Ltd  

I stumbled across this app just as I was about to sign up for A2X and I'm so glad I did. It's amazingly simple to set up, and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. We regularly have to assign VAT treatment to new products and the import function has sped this process up so much.
I have gone from utterly hating dealing with the Amazon sales to smiling inanely as I click a few buttons and send them across to Xero.
Also, the customer service has been fantastic - I was nursed through the setting up stage, someone is always available to answer questions, and a slight hiccup with billing (we managed to sign up twice with two different payment cards) was dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Grace Heathfield  

After considering various alternatives, we decided on Link my Books to automate our Amazon Europe marketplace settlements to Xero. This was based on the excellent reviews by other users of the app, the reasonable price of the app compared with its main competitor A2X and the responsiveness and helpfulness of Daniel to our questions. Setting up the app was very straightforward based on the very clear set up instructions provided, and the app appears to be working perfectly now that we have set it up! Thank you Dan!

Franki Baker  

I had previously registered an account with A2X before finding Link My Books. I hadn't got too involved in the setup of A2X before exploring Link My Books, so after speaking with Dan on support at Link My Books and reviewing the functionality differences between the two I decided on Link My Books.

It's much easier to use, support is fantastic and it's a fraction of the cost. A2X is missing some valuable features in my eyes, such as the inability to publish statements/invoices to Xero in an Approved status instead of Drafts.

Anyone thinking about using Link My Books - do it! Worlds apart.

Megan Jones  

LinkMyBooks is an essential software for any Amazon seller doing bookeeping with Xero. Its a real time saving in getting all the Amazon settlements costs broken down and into Xero. Unlike other competitor software, its affordable for new sellers and the customer support is first class!

Kevin Lew  

Only 1 month in and I have no issues recommending LMB to anyone.
From on boarding to bringing across all the first settlements, Daniel has made himself
available providing expert knowledge on amazon and their payments. Outstanding customer service and support from day 1, hope this helps anyone on the fence.

mark rice  

great tool for linking Amazon to Xero, easy integration, great value! Would highly recommend to anyone needing to automate settlements into Xero!

Greg de Franca  

Link My Books - Easy to integrate, Easy To Set Up, Easy To Transfer Settlements and at the right price point for this kind of functionality. Great support

David Stephen  

LMB is fantastic for Amazon sellers who want to automate as much of their bookkeeping as possible.
It is so simple to use, they have great support in place and a great price compared to others.
I highly recommend :)

Stephen Currie  

We have been using some great software to reduce the work needed to unscramble Amazon payments, nothing wrong with it and it worked with some minor adjustments. Then we were told about LMB. I was sceptical at first but this is even better! Sorts out the info, deals with the VAT correctly, gives you an EC Sales list and maintains the great level of service and feedback too. As if that wasn't enough for us to change over they have an Accountants package that reduces the cost.

Alys Stuart  

great little App does the job for a fraction of the price of others. Support from the team is great too

rowan Price  

Awesome app makes your Amazon accounting so easy. We used to use A2X but this is better and half the price!! Also, support is super responsive and the app was developed by a very experienced Amazon seller. If in doubt just try it saves hours of time. Handles EEC and UK VAT easily as well and works in almost all Amazon markets..

Paul Proctor  

Great to keeping up to date with your accounts would recommend

George Fletcher  

Great product & fast replies when you need help. Highly recommend.

Ruth McDavid  

Link My Books is a great app. Configuration is logical & straight forward making it easy to customise according the specific reporting requirements. It automatically extract the correct VAT information and provides a detail breakdown of all Amazon fees.

Highly recommended if you are looking for efficiencies and great support too.

Veeraka de Mel  

LMB (Link My Books) is software that connects Amazon to Xero - Its very easy to use, Great value compared to the competitors and easy to set up. Highly recommended to anyone at all levels looking at simplifying this process. The customer service is the best I have ever had too!! Sign up here !

Alex Correya  

Amazing app to help anyone save time and concentrate on building the business rather than spending hours on end with admin activities.
LMB automatically selects the correct taxes on each transaction as well before transfering to Xero, which is a massive help for someone not sure what to pick.
The support I received was second to none with fast and to the point help from the guys.They helped me transfer a huge backlog of transactions as well as giving many tips!
I also love the GIF sending option within the chat support!
5/5 Stars!

Gergo Szabados  

Link My Books provides excellent support. It is very easy to use but you will need an accountant or bookkeeper to help with set up and to make sure the tax settings are correct.
Once it is set up, it can post Amazon settlements automatically to Xero.

Fran Montgomerie  

Fantastic app, incredible customer service and super competitive pricing. I'm so happy I opted to go for Link My Books instead of the alternative services I was considering. Highly recommend!

Nick Chaney  

Really happy with Link My Books so far, I'm pretty new to it but setup was very straightforward and I got an immediate response to a question when I was setting this up at 9pm on a Sunday night, can't ask for better support than that! It looks like it's going to save me a lot of time on manually importing data. You should definitely try LMB out!

David Brown  

Link My Books has been great! Once all setup (which is not that hard) it is just a few clicks for everything to be fully reconciled with Xero. Saves me so much time. I'd also echo the previous comments - The customer support is excellent.

Simon Fitzgerald  

Brilliant service and at a great price. If you are considering A2X then stop, and go with Link my books. Saved us 10+ hours per month of manual spreadsheet work.

michael ridley  

The U.K was in need of an Amazon reprting system and Link My Books is just that system no more worrying about vat reporting. The customer service from the team there has been amazing too can't recommend this software enough.

Alana Innes  

Great to see that there is someone else out there offering an automated solution to the posting of amazon settlements within Xero. I have been using a competing product for a while and I always felt they were massively overcharging for the service - so it was a quick decision to move to LinkMyBooks based on the price alone; fortunately the service model backs it up too, they respond to any queries extremely quickly.

Ramon Cummins  

Outstanding app. Far superior to the previous 'solution' I used. I was able to sign up and integrate in a few minutes, and then add my accountant as a user. Simples! My accountant loves it, it's a MASSIVE game changer. I'm converted! Oh and the customer support is incredible.

Ben Leonard  

Link My Books is a lifesaver for importing Amazon transactions into Xero and handling all the different VAT scenarios that comes with. Great team and very helpful and quick to respond to questions. Thanks!

Richard Stewart