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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 8 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and MRPEasy, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About MRPEasy

Simple but powerful ERP/MRP software that enable manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue with no prior investment. For more information, check out MRPEasy.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with MRPEasy, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the MRPEasy support centre or this page for information on connecting MRPEasy to Xero.

I have been using MRPeasy for 2 years in Melbourne Australia. it is a great affordable product which we integrate with Xero an Shopify.
We use multiple currencies and have items fully outsourced and partly outsourced.
It takes a while to get your head around the multiple aspects of the software, but it does pay to watch all the videos and if needed use the customer support tickets (sent from within the software) to ask a question on a direct issue- they reply within 24hrs.
Good value and good service.

Paul McNeill  


Neil Maree  

Have been using this software for just over 2 Years now. We tried a lot of options to manage our manufacturing part of the business and this by far was the best and most streamline option. Customer support is great.

The intergration into Xero is amazing with a lot of customization. The Xero integration between MRP Easy was a huge factor for us as it allowed us to move finished goods between MRP easy and our main inventory platform for selling on our website

2 Years down and many more to come


Johannes Einarsson  

MRPEasy has been very effective and precise for our operations. Having a clear view of different aspects of the busiiness in real time keeps us on target. The interface is simple and easy to use with excellent support. Really commend the people behind the software for a wonderful job. Keep going!

Sadath Mirza  

MRPeasy is the best. If you know how to use it ...
3 years and counting!
Incredibly easy to use, developed tremendously over the years.

Reading reviews from the past few years I would be inclined to agree that it was not perfect at first but the the more experience you become with it, the better it gets.

Perfect for small and large businesses.

Lewis Dolan  

Been using MRP Easy for over a year now.
We are a small manufacturer, with around 1000 part numbers.
Fantastic visibility and control of all stock and manufacturing.
It is a bit of set up time to enter all our data, yet once up and running it certainly has greatly improved our efficiency, predict our workloads and control levels of our subcomponents and raw materials really well.
The only features which would be better is the ability to list invoice line items as tax inclusive or tax exclusive as can be done in Xero. In Australia Its a Legal requirement to list prices as tax exclusive, so online shop and all our brochures have prices including tax. This means they needs to be converted to tax exclusive to enter into MRP Easy.

Overall Fantastic product, and very happy with it.

Trig Point  

Have been using MRPEasy for over 6 months now and it has helped our business greatly. Production is now far better managed along with stock and purchasing. It takes a a bit getting used to, like all software, but it's worth the effort.

We manufacture scientific instruments, often with complex build sequences and variations based on customer needs. MRPEasy handles all of them extremely well. The optimum way of configuration takes a little practice but the effort is worth it. The flexibility of the system allows us to handle a wide variety of build situations we have.

The customer support is excellent and the team respond well to ideas for features, where possible adding functionality at our suggestion

Integration with Xero was a simple process and went without a hitch. We used to spend all our time in Xero handling invoicing and purchasing, but now these are far better handled in MRPEasy. The CRM feature is basic, but for us does all we need saving us paying for features with another provider that we'd never use.

I would certainly recommend MRPEasy over other solutions in the same price bracket, and indeed it's better than many at higher prices. Not having to worry about installing software onto PCs is a great bonus. If you have a large quantity of builds to transfer into MRPEasy, or indeed any other such system, then expect to spend a lot of time before its usefulness becomes apparent and expect to run old and new systems in parallel for a while. But, if starting an operation from scratch then MRPEasy will prove its worth from the moment you start using it. Either way a bit of practice first with dummy build would be worth while - the trial options allows time for this before using for real.

Customer service
Low entry cost for small businesses
Responsive cloud based service
Multi-level bills of materials and subcontracting
Stock handling and procurement fully integrated with manufacturing processes
Enterprise version worth the extra money

Needs time to build up data in the system to achieve its full potential - but same for all MRP software.

Stephen Plumridge  

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your feedback.

First of all, I am happy that you liked the software! It is not so easy to make an enterprise software that people do not hate :)

Secondly, I am sorry to read the second part of your review. I have checked our bookkeeping and support departments emails to investigate your issue. It turned out that the invoice was issued to you on March 7. Your credit card could not be billed. On March 8, our support representative contacted you about this issue. You have replied that you will check and fix this issue. On March 16 you were notified that the access to the software will be restricted from March 22. On March 22 the access was restricted. On April 5 your account was deleted.

So, even if automatic e-mail notifications got to spam folder, we contacted you manually and you have responded.

MRPEasy did not delete your account immediately when the payment could not be processed. There is an on-hold period of 28 days. During this period a notification is displayed inside the software. 14 days you could use the software without any restrictions. Then, 14 days the access was limited. And only after 28 days the account was deleted completely.

Considering mentioned above, we understand that there was a some block in communication. We constantly develop our software and try to improve customer experience. We've done our best to solve the issue that some e-mails get to spam. And we will be more pro-active when an account is going to be deleted.

Thank you again for your comment, and I see that you signed up again for MRPEasy service on May 2. I am happy, that you still trust our service, from our side we implemented 60-days full unconditional money-back guarantee for first annual payment to encourage users to pay annually. This should minimize the risk of payment processing errors.

Best regards,

Konstantin Klugman
User Experience Manager

Konstantin Klugman  

As far as how the software works, I would give it more stars, but we have had a serious problem with this application that has caused us to decide not to move forward. At the conclusion of our trial period, they contact us about payment, but we didn't catch the contacts because they went to SPAM. So, after just a few weeks, they completed deleted our account and we lost all of our data. The problem is that they won't automatically charge a card at the end of the trial period; you have to find the invoice in your email and pay it directly.

After the first problem, I gave them a pass. After all, it was a trial period. So we signed up again. This time, I made sure I paid the invoice at the end of the trial period. I was assured we would not lose our data again because the card would be automatically billed. Then, after a couple of months, we moved to a larger location to accommodate growth and our billing address changed for the card. In fairness, we didn't manage the process as well as we should have and didn't update the card info after we moved. However, instead of simply placing our account on hold when the card stopped working, they again deleted our data, which is simply unacceptable. There are a million reasons that billing can be disrupted and we cannot take a chance that we will lose everything if some billing issue goes unresolved for a couple of weeks. I would understand losing access to our account in that situation, but not having it completely deleted.

So we are still looking for a good, afordable MRP solution

Steve Montgomery  

So you can understand my perspective on this software:
- Sm Biz owner running things on my own
- No prior experience with any kind of inventory system
- Business is custom clothing and alterations - lots of different kinds of inventory and supplies, like 400+ zippers in all different sizes, colors, etc.
- Very minimal working capital, teeny-tiny budget

So far, I'm loving MRPEasy. There are enough YouTube videos and documentation provided that I've been able to figure it out and muddle through fairly successfully. The Matrix BOM function is incredible. Makes life so much easier. Also, I submitted a support ticket for a question I had in MRPEasy and they responded within a few hours. So, definitely a good sign.
Regarding the integration with Xero: There are only two things that can transfer to Xero - purchase orders and customer invoices. No account info, which would be very useful. I just transferred a PO that had about 40 line items and I had to manually add the same billing account number to each line in Xero. I'm glad I didn't have to manually enter everything, but the ability to choose which account is affected would be very helpful. Purchase Orders: They do not actually create a PO in Xero. Instead, they create a Bill. So, after playing with it in Xero, I've found a good compromise that may or may not work for other companies. Since I will eventually have to create a bill anyway, I add a very simple PO in Xero with just the total amount, referencing the PO# from MRPEasy, so I don't have to transfer all 40+ line items. Then, I add any missing info, like account numbers, to the bill created by MRPEasy. Note: you can update the bill in Xero from the PO screen in MRPEasy whenever you need to, but it will completely write-over any changes you might have made, like 40+ account #'s.
Invoices: Just imported an invoice and it went smoother than I expected. I already had a Contact in Xero for the same customer and when the invc transferred, it automatically went to that customer's record without creating a new contact record. Xero assigned it an inv # and put the MRPEasy inv # as Reference, which works for me. Again, no acct #'s, but all the other info is there. Overall: Very happy. It's not perfect, but I am extremely pleased that I can get this kind of functionality within my limited budget.

Evalena Taylor