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Worlds best Customer Support

Started by mike asplin -   in Tell us how we're doing

I'm not going to write review about how great Xero functionality is, as sure lots of people have already covered this. You should buy Xero simply to experience the best customer service and support you will ever experience. I'm not a trained accountant so always a bit daunting taking on a new package. I've made lots of mistakes and had lots of areas I haven't understood the process. Xero support responds incredibly quickly and always spot on with their advice. if you still don't understand they will persist until your problem is resolved. I haven't come across this dedication to top customer support anywhere EVER!

Oh and it is an unbelievable system for functionality!!! I'm now using it for 3 companies
Thank you so much for the nice comment Mike. We love getting feedback like this. We really like helping customers on Xero and the whole team are committed to deliver world class support.

Nigel Piper (Xero Staff)  

I think you must have got lucky - I have been trying for more than a day now to get a response to my email to support, email to billing and 3 phone messages I have left for them. All for a 30 second subscription change!

Andrew Nielsen  

Must have got lucky 10 times as every question I have asked i got a response within 12 hours and solid follow up until it was resolved. I'm in the UK if that makes a difference.

mike asplin  

Hi Andrew, I've had a quick look through your emails with Support and it doesn't look to be a standard subscription change. The team are working on it though, so make sure you keep in touch with them! Also, please note that we don't have an inbound phone number. Were you calling the Sales line, or our reception desk?

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

The UK must be the difference Mike. The Asia-Pacific service is appalling. I have just waited 3 days to get a response to my enquiry, it was not helpful, they did not leave a number I could call, and I am being told my issue is complicated when really it is quite simple. I am about ready to cancel the subscription.

Andrew Nielsen  

Looks like it was all sorted yesterday morning, Andrew. Apologies that it took longer than you'd expected, but we do have a process the team need to follow in these situations.

Brittany H (Community Manager)