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QuickB2B Order Management System

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 5 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and QuickB2B Order Management System, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About QuickB2B Order Management System

Phone App Ordering & Order Management System designed specifically for Food Service Wholesalers. Includes Inventory Manager. Innovative. Simple. Smart.

For more information, check out QuickB2B Order Management System.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with QuickB2B Order Management System, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the QuickB2B Order Management System support centre or email support@quickb2b.com .

QuickB2B has changed our Wholesale Business. Even customers who are not Tech Savvy love our App. The inventory system is bulletproof and is quick to update and gives you the confidence that you customers are being looked after.

Lamberts Produce  

Great app that has allowed us to easily transition from our old manual process of receiving Fruit & Veg orders from our wholesale customers, to an automated set up where we no longer need to manually key in data.

Taking away these administrative tasks has given us back more time for us to spend on ensuring our orders are picked correctly, our orders are delivered on time and allowing us to have more meaningful/productive conversations with our wholesale customers.

As we use Xero for our accounting needs, QuickB2B swiftly pushes through our orders and inventory to Xero!

Manny Askew  

The QuickB2B Ordering System has been amazing for our wholesale bakery for our orders, picking, loading and delivery procedures..

Our customers love that it is so easy to order without typing out text messages, sending emails or calling our order phone. Simply click on the app, and the order has gone and sent the customer an email to say it has been sent. The email stops all the problems when people say that have left an order and try to put the problem back onto the bakery when they have forgotten to order.

It's a great too way to manage our inventory, no more need for time wasting with spreadsheets we always know straight away what we have in out freezer and cool room.

Finding this add on to Xero has changed the way we work and the way we have more time for our family. Being about to invoice knowing that the product has been baked and that the delivery driver can just get into the van and look at his delivery sheet and know that the packers have set his van up for him to make his deliveries. Our deliveries have now been cut by an hour per day and this wage saver alone pays for the app.

When I struggle with something (not very computer literate) I know that I can just email or even call and there is always someone to talk me over the problem.

I couldn't recommend this app more highly so just do it and add it to your add ons

Julianna Luxton  

Quick B2b was an exceptional app for our fruit wholesale business. Our customers were able to use the app with ease.
All our fruit and vegetables were itemized in each order and appeared automatically with minimal paperwork on our end which was a great time saver. B2b app seamlessly integrated with our zero accounting software.
A special thanks goes to Heather and her team, they were nothing but willing to help and available for any enquiries we had, incredibly helpful from day one of the app launch for our business. We highly recommend this for any established or budding businesses, you will not be disappointed.

Sean Dell  

Quickb2b ordering system is amazing. It helps streamline ordering picking and delivery. The best part is streamlining the pricing structure for each specific customers.

Pawan Soni  

The QuickB2B Order Management System has been amazing in streamlining our ordering, picking, loading and delivery procedures. It's allowed us to efficiently set pricing for specific customers, and produce invoices with ease as it seamlessly integrates with the Xero platform.

Our customers can now easily order without typing out text messages, sending emails or even calling. A few simple clicks in the app, and their orders are complete. On top of all this, we now have a better way to manage our inventory, no more need for excel spreadsheets, clipboards, or white boards (too much possibility for human error). Instead, as orders come through and as we ship, we have an easy to read, automated inventory list.

For manufacturer/wholesalers like us, QuickB2B has helped us to also manage our raw ingredients stock, as well as separate certain items that are specific to certain customers with their new modules. We're still learning the system, and we keep getting surprised by what it can do!


John Hoac