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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 8 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Greenback, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Greenback

Auto-Fetch Itemized Receipts. Greenback automatically syncs itemized transactions from top marketplaces and vendors. For more information, check out Greenback.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Greenback, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Greenback support centre or email support@greenback.com.

I highly recommend Greenback for importing sales from Squarespace and Etsy into Xero. Before I used Greenback, I was using the direct Squarespace to Xero feed to upload sales into Xero, but this had issues that were not easily correctable. Squarespace ended the direct feed capability, so I was forced to find an alternative method to automatically import sales to Xero. I decided to use Greenback. It did take me a bit to get acquainted with the application, but the setup instructions were helpful. I was also able to integrate Greenback with Etsy and can now import sales from Etsy to Xero using Greenback; before I had to do this manually at month end, so I never had an accurate sales figure for Etsy. Also, you can sync PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other payment processors with Greenback. Greenback has made my accounting processes more manageable and allows me to see sales figures in almost real time. There have been a few issues with refunds not flowing to Greenback from Squarespace, but the Customer Support team at Greenback has been extremely helpful and has been able to resolve all issues I've encountered. I can't stress enough how much the Customer Support team has helped in resolving all of my issues. I highly recommend Greenback for importing sales from Squarespace and Etsy into Xero. Greenback also works with a number of other e-commerce platforms.

Antony Santilli  

Totally confused by the setup process. We were thrown into this after suddenly noticing Squarespace had stopped its integration with Xero unless you signed up for a third party "extension" like Greenback. So, we are trying to get caught up - our books and sales figures are a mess now ever since the Squarespace + Xero separation. Any suggestions on how to do this? Are there Greenback consultants we could hire?

Chip Grabow  

This works really well so far. I needed to breakdown lots of Ebay sales into various vat categories depending on where the customer was based and then post them to Xero. Greenback handled this with a transform. Greenback support was excellent setting this up and then tweaking it where needed. Very reasonable price too, 5 stars!!!

Simon Hollingdale  

This is my second time using Greenback.com for a client. Their support is excellent. I used the catch me up service, and they completed these in less than a day. The whole workflow and integration of the app with Xero is really easy and simple to setup and use. My clients login easy enough and find it very easy and stress-free to setup their account information. I'm happy to recommend this app to all my clients who require it.

Steph Jones  

I needed a tool that told me what my actual amazon purchases were (not just listed as "amazon") when I reconciled them in Xero. I connected both my amazon and xero accounts to Greenback, it imported a bunch of stuff and spit out magic. Only showed me a few transactions, so I paid the $15 to import everything and it worked fantastic. They have to do a manual import for past 90 days called a "catch me up" but they turned me around in less than a day. Quick, clean and reasonably effortless integration and great customer service too. A+

Morgan Lang  

We buy from Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon roughly 2-5 times a day. The automatic download of both the itemized data and the original receipts (PDFs) of what we actually purchased is a game changer. We've tried a few other receipt solutions and nothing compares to how Greenback doesn't just collect the PDF, but itemizes absolutely everything from payment methods, shipping tracking numbers, billing/shipping addresses, line items, payment methods, sales/VAT/HST/GST taxes, and most importantly the PO/Job name. Its all done in real-time and the data is available instantly.

Jeremy Dunn  

i had been searching for ages for a system that is robust and fully integrates between stripe and xero. although it is still very early days the system appears to do everything you need it to. greenback provide decent guides including videos for what to do and the initial set up is easy and adding stripe, square pos and xero etc, took no time at all.
Greenback dashboard is clean and nicely laid out and learns from the choices you make how you are likely going to code an entry. once you have connected stripe all the transactions appear in your greenback xero page, and from that point you can start allocating them to where you want in xero.
NOTE. we did make the mistake or wrongly coding sales in greenback to bank transaction stripe when we should have used billing +payment stripe funds. this error meant that the sales were displayed in xero in the dummy stripe bank account but it was much easier to understand and see using the billing + payment option where the charges create a bill or expense and a payment to match.
I am not an accountant, but from a user who is looking to export numerous different sales types in stripe along with stripe fees and platform fees to xero it seems to do everything you need it to do and it can separate out to different sales and cost options so when it arrives in xero it is exactly how you want it.
you can also link multiple stripe accounts to multiple xero accounts all under a single login which is a feature no one else has been able to offer me.

Rick Bryant  

I am excited about the way Greenback syncs with Stripe and Xero. It really helps automate the separation between the transaction itself and the different Stripes fees. From what I gather these guys do an incredible job with other payment services and selling platforms such as Etsy and Amazon Sellers too. Highly recommended!

Laurie Shay