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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Divipay, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Divipay

Map your chart of accounts, automatically reconcile expenses and eliminate time-consuming expense admin from your business with our Xero integration. For more information, check out Divipay.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Divipay, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Divipay support or email customerservice@divipay.com.

I highly recommend Divi pay for the company.

It boosted efficiency for our finance team, we don't need to do manual invoice photoshoot and manual upload anymore. The sync to Xero and automate expense reporting is excellent.

It's super easy and quick to set up & install use, and our employees super love it.

We have used Divi pay about 4months and have had very positive experiences.


Anya Ni  

Amazing software! Love the automatic feeds into Xero. This saves a lot of time when ti comes to reconciliation. Gives me more time to focus on other tasks. Issuing the cards is much easier than a traditional bank. Also the ability to be able to cancel and issue them without contacting a bank is great. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Jack Aird  

Loving it so far - DiviPay makes allocating expenses to projects easy for myself and the rest of the team. Would love to get a bank feed though :)

Natalie Grigg (TPA)  

DiviPay allowed us to manage/control our expenses and budgets across different departments. It also made it easy for the business to issue corporate cards. Daniel has also been very accommodating to our inquires.

Maxine Bahatan  

DiviPay is a great virtual debit card and expense management system. Its flexible, eliminates double handling of receipts and ensures expenditures are integrated into a business’s accounting system. We presently only use it for incidental expenses (like Petrol, travel, coffees) but once my business transitions to bring 100% cashflow funded, we will transition to using DiviPay for all business expenses & subscriptions.


I highly recommend Divipay to any business which is looking to cut down on their admin time and improve control over employee transactions. Rather than having to share one card, we can now limit each employees spend with a great deal of flexibility and have greater oversight over their spend.

Blake Burton  

We've recently started using Divipay to manage our staff finances and we are loving it. Previously I was spending 8-10 hours a month organising the receipts, checking them and changing all the payments. Now, it takes me 1 hour a month. One of the best things is that staff aren't out of pocket for 3-4 weeks waiting for a reimbursement, and it's much easier for them to see how they are going with their balances and what they have to use. Divipay was able to set up two budgets and cards per person which has really helped us.

Kate Stace  

Top job Divipay!
This is a fantastic tool that was simple to set up (the Divipay team talked us through it), roll out (the app is super easy to use), and that has removed the necessity for both staff and volunteer reimbursements.

Joel Hill  

Divipay has been awesome for the teams I'm working with. Having corporate cards issued to team members was such a long & tiresome process before... not to mention the number of paper forms we had to fill out.... and trying to track down the signatories is nearly impossible when you are working with a remote & distributed team.

Divipay has turned what was a real pain... into a great experience. Keep up the good work Divipay!

Andrew Haynes  

Divipay has allowed us to remove the inefficient process of reimbursing our employees for their travel expenditures. It has a user friendly interface and a helpful team that will listen to what you want from the software and work to make it possible.

It's ability to communicate with XERO has greatly reduced the need for us to spend time entering any data for these payments.

Michael Jun  

Divipay has totally automated my expense management system. Before Divipay, our team had to submit expense reports which were a draining task for them as well as myself. The solution has totally eradicated the need for the same. All our team members are happy. We are able to control the spend and monitor budget on a daily basis.

The Divipay team are easily accessible by email or live chat and respond to the queries pretty quickly.

5 stars from me

Akshay Mokha  

Corporate Credit Cards have always been a pain in the butt to issue and administer.

Divipay has allowed us to issue card is real time as required for any project no matter how large or small. This is a great payment platform.

Simon Zaiko  

We've rolled this out for our 20 staff, and is a game changer. Forget trying to get corporate credit cards, this makes expense management and subsription management a breeze. You wont regret it.

Michael Dogger  

Divipay is something we are trying to get all our clients setup with who are using corporate cards, the reasons are:

- automatic reminder to provide receipts to staff using Divipay (saving our time)
- staff not having to use their personal funds and no hassle with expense claims
- easy to use for staff - we are now receiving 90% of the receipts for our reconciliation purposes
- Divipay automated feeds - real time information of expenditure
- good interface, love the looks of it!


Kaia Kaldoja  

Divipay has been an amazing platform for our Company - it solved so many issues we were experiencing, and some we didn't expect! We now have easy access to corporate cards for our staff, and with the added feature of prompting staff to add receipts via the app on their phone and a description of the charge, it means I don't have to go ask them for the information, which has always been an annoyance for me. If there was a way to give more than 5 stars, I would!

Finance Team  

I have found DiviPay to be really helpful with managing petty cash expenses.
On the user end it's quite easy to use and the customer support for administrators has been prompt and always helpful.
I also like that they are actively working on the product to improve it all the time, and reach out to customers for feedback on these updates.

Jessica Somerville  

Expense management AND budget control AND virtual corporate card AND clever integration to Xero - I don't know of any other platform that does all this - brilliant product!

Edward Johnson  

Our accounts department is transformed! The whole team love the tool, and it makes keeping everything in order (both for staff and the accounts team) infinitely more pleasant.

Hopefully we'll see a solution for less frequent users in the business, but otherwise love it.

Brad L  

"Managing the finances of our fast growing remote team of 30 used to be a nightmare. Keeping track of team spending had become a full time job and getting new cards from our bank took weeks which meant that new staff members couldn’t pay for what they needed. Dealing with physical cards was slowing us down.

DiviPay changed that by letting me issue staff members with a virtual corporate card instantly. I love htat I can move money around the card or approve top ups instantaneously. Our cards are automatically topped up each week without any intervention. Now I’m in control of the charities expenses without having to think about them every day."


Deanna Shim  

DiviPay resolved quite a few problems we had in our workspace - we had more than 20 staff sharing one credit card so the switch to virtual credit cards was well received.

We now have more accountability for spending with transactions arriving into Xero already coded to the card owner and also coded to the relevant expense accounts. The ability to set up and refine corresponding Chart of Account details on an on-going basis is super-useful.

Card owners attach their receipts to their transactions which directly benefits my documentation requirements as the company bookkeeper and drastically cuts down my hours spent chasing down receipts and email confirmations.

DiviPay provides budget expenditure control however it’s also flexible enough for me to quickly review/approve any one-off additional spending requirements made by our staff.

The App is super easy to use and understand.


Michelle Byrnes  

There are 3 things I like about Divipay:

1. It turns the "payment" and "documentation" steps into a single, auto-populated, low-friction event at the time of purchase. This is important for increasing adoption and compliance by our card users....and not something I have found in previous solutions I have used.

2. It provides me with the central administrative control to instantly issue cards, cancel cards or change limits 24x7x365. This is a game changer for anyone administering a corporate card program who is constantly completing ancient bank forms, chasing wet-ink signatures and sending snail-mailing docs to banks who aren't operating in the 21st century.

3. The Divipay team are hungry. They listen, consider and move fast. I have been using them in a limited way as a trial for 2 months and the pace of product development is impressive. I am structuring to expand the use more widely, to increase the speed of the AP function.

Damien Williams  

Has solved the highly clunky and inefficient process of getting corporate cards issued for employees. DiviPay is easy to use, quick response time for customer service queries and has seamless integration with Xero.

Jasmine Bettes