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Add-ons for a Child Care center

Started by Tina Stevens -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Hi. I have just had an inquiry from a child care center. Does anyone have a childcare center on Xero? Do you use any add ons? I have showed her a quick demo of Xero and she loves it but I am not sure if it can contain all the information she will need in one spot?
I have quite a few child care centres in Xero. What other systems are they using, if any? Contact me directly if you wish to discuss.

Michael Schlederer  

Does Xero have any plans of partnering with APT or Infocare childcare software in the future. If accounts receivable could be synchronized I think the majority of childcare providers would jump to Xero.

Kylie Potton  

@Kyle - we have reached out to a number of software providers in the space. Just like all the other Add-ons that work with Xero, work is required on their part to integrate with Xero. So far we have had no success with them.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Does Xero connect with infocare now, 2 years later ?

Daniel Addison  

Hi Daniel

Unfortunately I have no new information on whether or not Infocare are planning to connect to Xero.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

Hi Daniel & others,
I have a Childcare provider looking into using XERO. I checked with XERO that it does not have any features that facilitate the coding and matching of Centrelink and parents' co-payment with particular child. Is there any Add on that is currently available?

Joy Ford  

Hi all,
Any update on the Add-on for childcare? Has anyone signed up any childcare recently? I've found some information regarding time sheet/roster, but nothing on matching the code.

Tracy Liang  

Yes we have a child care using Xero. We use an integrated software called Austral CCMS (Child Care Management System). it makes it easy to send transactions into Xero for our Long Day Care Centre and our OOSH. for more see http://www.australcloud.com.au/do-more/xero-accounting-childcare/

Laurence Adney  

Can we use Austral CCMS in NZ?

Judith Whittam  

I've emailed CCMS about NZ regulations, from their website I'm not hopeful.
APT has basic compatibility with Xero (I deliberately didn't say integration). It look like a simple CVS output of all invoices - I'm now working out how we use this to manage debtors in Xero (or not) - has anyone tried this?
The bank feed in Xero brings in the transactions and it will be a pain to have to manage them in two places.

Rob Tìgeir  

@Laurence Adney

Do you like Austral? Do you have to use it with their payment gateway? I would prefer to have parents pay by bank and reconcile in xero because this doesn't cost anyone... for our centre payment fees could add $10-20k fees that would be passed on to parents... extra $35 - $70 per daily place per year (i.e. $175-350 for a 5 day per week parent).

Thanks for any help.

Paul Beanland  

I've delved further into APT and the Xero export option does not bring across what the invoices are for eg child name, relevant dates so cannot be used for the automatic raising of invoices in Xero. So whilst a transaction can be recorded in Xero against a customer it can't really be used to manage the debtor. As payments rarely match invoices we are looking to develop a system that allows any payment to be allocated to customers' debt on a first raised first cleared basis without hassle.
Proper integration of APT to Xero has an ETA of mid year apparently.

Rob Tìgeir  

Hi Rob,

Has anymore progress been made with APT and Xero as yet?


Emma Dawson  

Hi all, if your looking for a modern, New Zealand based system then perhaps you should give us a call. We've been upgrading centers from infocare and APT and totally understand your pain https://www.discoverchildcare.co.nz


Ewart MacLucas  

Looks good - is Xero integration on the roadmap? And what does the migration from APT/Infocare process look like?

Rob Tìgeir  

We love Xero Rob, one of the few places that have properly implemented a really nice API. Feel free to drop me a line for more details. Cheers

Ewart MacLucas  

Hi Ewart, I am interested . I have a client with 3 Early Learning Childcare and i ned to find a CCMS system which integrates with Xero. Ive looked at the website but there is not contact number. Please feel free to discuss with me on 0429906991.
Thank you

Raquel Garcia